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postheadericon Male Milking – Prostate Milking Tips for Men in Orgasm Denial

The advantages of male milking is among the large questions about man chastity and orgasm refusal – meaning, could it be necessary or desired to drain the prostate by means apart from full orgasm to maintain the man’s wellness?

Man Milking – The Misconception

The particular myth of male milking is it has to be done once per month Or Else. And when you read almost any blog or forum this is the tips you’ll discover.

However the truth can there be is no convincing medical evidence I have been able to find to recommend a man’s prostate has to be milked in any way, let alone once per month. The particular available research I’ve been able to find is just not convincing either way – some studies show a benefit in order to regular prostate emptying; some show the opposing.

It seems like this myth has been promulgated simply because it’s what “everyone knows” therefore it is continually repeated and reinforced.

Nevertheless, prostate milking does no damage, might possess some health advantages, and is both pleasurable and frustrating for the folk (which makes it worth performing! ).

So here are three ways to accomplish.

Exterior Male Milking

You can accomplish this by having your man with your hands and feet on the ground and getting him right into a highly excited condition, and then gently stroking and massaging his / her well-lubricated perineum together with your fingers. This is actually the soft place between his anus and also the rearmost a part of his ball sack.

You don’t need much stress here for this and you will make sure your man will be moaning, groaning and begging for launch.

When it comes it feels (to him) a little like urinating. It effectively empties his prostate but does not give him the pleasure of the orgasm. This is actually the method I personally use for milking my very own husband, each few months.

Inner Male Milking

Regarding internal male milking an individual massage the prostate by itself through the walls of the rectum, making use of your finger or a dedicated massaging device just like the Aneros. This clearly means you might have you stick some thing in there!

A type of anal play plenty of lube is an total should and also the rule is always to go slowly and be soft.

A few women prefer to milk their men in this way due to the extra humiliation it causes the poor folk.

Just like external prostate milking, this does not provide a man the satisfaction of orgasm, but does leave him feeling frustrated.

Destroyed Orgasm

And lastly, if you can’t be bothered with the milking (it all does take time and effort), a ruined orgasm is an effective way to empty his prostate. Simply get him to the point where his / her orgasm has actually started, and then QUIT all activation.

He’ll dislike it, believe me, because it’s so frustrating for him. You may desire to secure his hands before you do this, because if you do not, then he WILL touch themselves in order to “finish off”, I guarantee. It’s so frustrating, he will not be able To not.

Obtaining male milking right is essential for making the male chastity lifestyle work for both of you.

So… click the blue link and claim your FREE man chastity guide and discover the truth about man chastity.

But HURRY! I’m giving away this Guide in order to anyone who visits the website. So if you’re serious about man chastity, be sure to obtain it once you can easily.

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69 Responses to “Male Milking – Prostate Milking Tips for Men in Orgasm Denial”

  • ouch:

    I’ve heard people say pushing the prostate? Just how much milk would you get? Are you able to drink it?

  • Vultre9:

    Should a breast feeding mother allow her husband to drink her milk?

  • Jon P:

    I simply learned that my husband’s physician has carried out prostate massages or milkings to alleviate pressure which throughout this process he really comes with an erection and it has something known as a “non-genital” orgasm. Has other people ever encountered this? He informs me it’s not whatsoever erotic and could be sometimes painful. Is that this something which I possibly could do for him in your own home? His physician is definitely an attractive youthful lady and I am not in love with the thought of these “milkings”.

    BTW… I’d rather not request him to determine another physician. She’s tops in her own area and that i want the very best care feasible for him.

  • Courtney:

    Is regardless of the carcinogen in skim milk still in organic skim milk? I seem like it is the the body’s hormones or chemicals installed itno the milk right? So that would make truly organic skim milk impermeable against it?

    Please answer the issue. I still wish to lower my possibility of it actually!

  • baldy eire:

    How do you get my prostate milked…I had been searching to test it…would not anybody prefer to train me about sex erectile dysfunction on skype??

  • Goe122:

    Searching at getting an orchiectomy soon. I understand that “pushing” the prostate won’t be possible any longer, but wondered the way the orchi will effect the enjoyable sensations attached to the process.

  • Random:

    I wish to milk my prostate but I’m not sure how or what’s suppose to occur when you’re doing so .

  • henryshensbcglobalnet:

    My gf’s friend is preggo and she or he allow me to drink a few of her breast milk. I did not think it is strange, shoot consuming milk from the cow sounds stranger.

    But i’m wondering, could it be healthy for an individual to consume breast milk periodic?

  • nick s:

    well i’m wondering about could it be healthy to consume extract soy bean? since i had heard that, it may cause cancer of the breast, also i must determine if thats true? also i must determine if soyfresh soy products milk is really a save product to consume and also you who had taste soyfresh soy products milk please produce your review about this and what is stand out about this?

  • Moore, Ron:

    I Requested an issue here before concerning how to acquire a male prostate orgasm just by pushing however they removed it because it wasn’t under category i wish to understand how to if anybody knows a location or perhaps a forum place where men can share tips encounters and opinions relating to this

  • Michael C:

    My grandfather has cancer of the prostate and that he continues to be vomiting the past few days. Will it mean it’s getting worse? What stage would that be?

    Yes he’s been getting examinations. He goes again now to 2 different doctors. He’s extremely weak.

    He’s dirty chemo

    He’s also sleeping a great deal and that he not used at all to. He’s been identified by using it about 2 yrs ago.

  • Michael K:

    I wish to begin taking soy milk and also find out how I ought to take. Could it be daily or weekly?

  • LN13:

    I have come across Prostate Pushing and also test the fit myself to see the way it feels. I heard it feels great and you’ve got hard orgasms. Can anybody(with actual experience’ ideally) let you know that to get it done? I actually want to learn and experience this. P.S: Don’t let me know to google it. Used to do already. I am searching for individuals with experience. Please?

  • Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused:

    I don’t think it. I simply don’t believe that consuming another creatures milk which was said to be for his or her baby will work for us adult humans to drink. I’m able to get calcium and protein through various things and that i aren’t seeing the reason.

    Serious solutions only and reliable information please?

  • Caltel T:

    I over heard my 9 years old boy state that “whitened liquid that appears like milk” arrives of his penis as he plays by using it. I’m worried and shocked since i think he’s far too youthful. I usually thought this occurs around 12. He’ll be ten years old the following month (God willing). Is that this normal at his age?

    Umar: the way the heck is self pleasuring (having fun with his penis) harmful to his health? I figured doctors say that it’s completely normal and healthy for kids to experiment?

  • lucasg615:

    After i lie lower on my small stomach , i cant turn my wrist to place my finger. What are the better positions? Also, how lengthy will it take to get it done to yourself?

  • liza:

    my dad continues to be operated for that enlargment of prostate. After 60 day because of fibrosis coded in prostate, he’s been reoperated by stricture. The dr. has advised for dialatation after 1-3-6-one year by road without anesthesia. could it be correct ? Every other facilities are for sale to dilatation, where ? just how much it cost for dilatation ?

  • Dr Dorian:

    so how exactly does prostate pushing work? how can you get it done? and it is there any dangers in performing it?


    milk is against the law in other nations like Canada and Europe?

  • Ray D:

    I’ve had 41 exterior beam radiation remedies, 25 full pelvic remedies and 16 “Boost” remedies targeted in the prostate only. I’m receiving hormone therapy additionally that requires one shot every three several weeks. To date I’ve had two remedies.

    After I was initially identified, my Urologist stated three hormone remedies was all I possibly could have weight loss would cause weak bones. Now, this same physician states I might have to take these shots for that relaxation of my existence. After I requested the way i knows if remedies have assisted, he responded six several weeks after I am from the the body’s hormones a PSA test would tell. Now that’s a real Catch 22.

    Has anybody experianced the remedies and just what are the results?

    My Gleason score from my biopsy was 9, so removal was unthinkable. My bone scan didn’t show any cancer there. I’m told the entire pelvic remedies were for cancer cells that might have been within the lymph nodes.

    My Gleason score from my biopsy was 9, so removal was unthinkable. My bone scan didn’t show any cancer there. I’m told the entire pelvic remedies were for cancer cells that might have been within the lymph nodes.

    Several good solutions, towards the answerers who wanted me to visit link, I have attempted and did not get anywhere.

    Towards the investigator, browse the publish, PSA levels aren’t any good as lengthy as you are on hormone therapy and that i was told, I would be on hormone for that relaxation of my existence.

    No removal is exactly what I had been told the moment I met using the Urologist who did the biopsy. I possibly could overhear him speaking together with his assistant by what the tumor appeared as if using the sonogram while doing the biopsy. I’m able to only speculate the cancer had left the prostate. A bone scan demonstrated it hadn’t experienced the bones.

    It may be the insurance provider would only buy one procedure and radiation was selected.

    You will find good quality solutions here, you will find a few that refer me to some link that does not work and something that sounds good except it does not answer the issue. I’ve provided all of the particulars.

    I suppose I’ll let this visit election.

  • Clayton Cottrell:

    The other day my girlfriend attempted this factor known as prostate pushing on me. I figured I felt some pleasure from this but nothing crazy happened. She states she would like to repeat the process soon. However I am realizing which i have enjoyable feeling within my prostate even if I am not making love. Whenever I recieve turned on I’m able to feel my prostate and there’s some pleasure just from that feeling alone. Irrrve never felt this sensation before she attempted this. Is that this normal or perhaps is a problem?

  • DuckieM10:

    I’ve an enlarged prostate that my physician states isn’t because of cancer. Taking Flomax helps somewhat, however it has not ended the issue. I’d rather not take medication the relaxation of my existence. I am only 34.

  • Flash Funk:

    Within the movie journey there’s a “factor” known as prostate pushing. How are you aware you’ve hit your prostate? Excuses have you employed it before?

  • stealspartansbcglobalnet:

    Say should you have had an infant after it’s had their milk there is some remaining can you resist your lover putting his mouth for your nipple and consuming a number of your milk?

    Can there be anything wrong with this particular if it’s completed in privacy?

  • Jenna:

    What are the potential health risks that the frequent utilization of vibrator on prostate may cause? My spouse and i are beginning to experiment a little with prostate stimulation and vibes, so I am interested what’s the suggested weekly ‘quota’.

  • Jenna:

    There’s much physical evidence with this, make sure to bring it up on every forum for proof.

  • Salam:

    I’m very interested in this. I discover the intense O a am will get from his prostate being probed which a lot of women are actually strapping on more than ever before and passing on for their sig others.

    I’m unbiased and game. At 49, I’m always searching for new methods to play.

    To individuals with experience of this, please enlighten me.

  • Jenna:

    I drink 3 glasses each day, ill provide the best response to anybody who are able to let me know the positive sides to consuming milk and then any negative sides. Thanks :) !

  • Death Knight:

    i simply have experienced journey and there is a scene were the man will get his prostate milk. he appeared as if he’d an excellent some time and i had been find out about pushing my prostate and that i attempted it and that i did feel something although not enough that i can blow but among the finest to understand. Can one make use of a body massager to massage my prostate


    I had been only at that party which boy was saying about how exactly much he likes his boyfriend to milk his prostate. I figured which was in the human body and it is what made you pee. Was he just joking beside me while he believed that I had been shocked because he’s gay? Since I don’t care!!!!

  • Milk84:

    how can this be sick sick guy permitted on television?

    @suthernly: you?

  • RuMKilleR:

    My boy has already established bad acne within the last many years. We have had him on prescription medicine and today on ProActiv. A couple of days ago, he recognized he hadn’t drunk any milk for around per week and the complextion was searching better. He drank milk again and began to interrupt out. He thinks there’s an association. Is that this an alergic reaction?

  • Noe R:

    exactly what a deviant!

  • Malcolm Hudson:

    Individuals don’t drink the milk of other humans. We do not drink dog’s milk, or cat’s milk…only cow’s milk. But a cow’s milk is intended for nursing calves. Not people!

    Alright to clarify, you do not visit a thirty year old guy consuming another woman’s milk. Babies, obviously nurse…although not grown ups.

  • supernerd567:

    I Had Been Always Wondering If you’ll have a Much Better Orgasm Through By Doing This…..I Heard You Are Able To. Is That This True?

  • Miguel M:

    Im a Christian guy over 45 and never inside a relationship.

    I not masturbate for religious reasons so I don’t have regular orgasms.

    Could it be really essential for males of how old irrrve become to masturbate to make sure prostate health and when so, how frequently?

  • Sir fliesalot:

    I’d rather not have sexual intercourse and obtain pregnant, however i still wish to pleasure my boyfriend and that i heard prostate milk was very stimulating for males. I had been precisely how lengthy it required of rubbing the prostate to stimulate your penis.

  • Beavis:

    He’s Diabetes type 2 but controls it with dieting and exercise and that we have a healthy sex existence. Yes, we modify a little, but it’s still fabulous…but since he began this Super Beta Prostate stuff he isn’t whatsoever interested and sleeps just like a log. I do not think his physician knows. Anybody have suggestion?

  • Goe122:

    Is soy milk better?

  • Superman:

    I’m a Fruitarian-Rawfoodist however i drink 1 large glass of soy milk every single day.

    The final 24 months numerous studies have show some cons against soy items & soy milk. Do you consider as vegetarian or vegan that it’s still safe to consume soy milk or must i consider switching to almond or hemp milk?

  • Death Knight:

    It does not make sense at all. The milk of the cow was created by character to show a calf right into a cow. How could individuals function as the correct nutrition within the correct proportions for the body, particularly a grownup body? And just how could it be natural for just one species to consume the milk of some other? So why do people believe this really is healthy? Could it be just brainwashing, or perhaps is there something I am missing?

  • lucasg615:

    I am talking about, I drink like 4-6 glasses of skim milk each day in most cases consume a carton of yogurt too. Is that this much dairy unhealthy?

    Simply to clarify, I am not consuming that much milk included in an eating plan or anything, it’s simply how much I seem like consuming.

  • Jeffery Carlson:

    OK, so the number of occasions each week could be normal for any guy to milk his prostate? What are the complications should you go crazy?

  • Praveen:

    My mother always buy non organic milk rather than organic, because she thinks organic milk health claims are scam for the money. I lately heard non organic milk has poisonous chemicals put into it, which it might cause cancer. Performs this mean you should be changing it with soda or don’t let continue consuming it. Btw she’s not purchasing the non organic due to money issues, its because she does not wish to spend extra cash for something she thinks is certainly not.

  • Caltel T:

    I’ve heard that soy milk and juice its harmful to males, could it be true? exactly why is bad ?

  • Willie:

    I heard the ghee and milk diet helps thins lower the body and you full. Could it be true? And when it’s, how do you use it? Just how much must i require optimal results?

  • Ev dog:

    I had been just curious regarding weather soy milk is much better if you are attempting to slim down? Also the other benefits does soy milk obtain that regular dairy milk doesn’t? I additionally possess some vanilla soy milk what goes well with vanilla soy milk?

  • Jamal:

    How’s soy milk much better than whole or skim?

  • Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused:


    Certainly one of my buddies explained about milk thistle and just how it detoxifies your liver from harmful particles? However, I just read online that it’s not approved by Food and drug administration, after which when might be potentially dangerous. I’m wondering if anybody had any longer info on it or personal encounters while taking it?

  • Cpt Excelsior:

    My hubby continues to be getting some issues with his prostate and that we have’nt had sex inside a month.Could it be due to his condition or perhaps is that the excuse to not have sexual intercourse?

  • mr flibble:

    You most likely think I meant ‘is soymilk much better than regular milk?”, but no. I ate some eco-friendly tea mochi, which consists of regular milk, i quickly were built with a lactose free soy frozen treats bar. Could it be okay to combine individuals two together

  • gail C:

    I’ve got a 22 month old daughter with special needs which i cold not nurse when she ws born because she needed special high calorie formula given via a feeding tube. Now i possess a 5 week old boy who’s nursing very well. I’m moving to construct supply but have some extra saved and i’m wondering basically gave it to my daughter if she’ll have any immunity benefits. she will get quite sickly particularly in cold temperature and I’m wondering if giving her a number of my breast milk can help her?

  • Mr SoLo DoLo:

    My mother has vitamin D and an iron deficiency and she or he does not know why. She eats sufficient levels of red-colored meat and drinks plenty of milk.

  • wwwavid360gamercom:

    This recipe comes from a gold medal cook book, which i had become a couple of years back , its a christmas edition. the small paper ones that you’d buy in the take a look at counter within the supermarket.

    the recipe i would like is known as peppermint bon bon brownies. They’re to visit onto a tray of snacks we’re selling for ladies and males (breast and cancer of the prostate) fundraising event. Someone tore the recipe from my book, and that i actually need this as soon as possible. I published the issue before however i thought it’s a betty crocker book, my mistake . anybody who can sort out the correct one,will get what exactly. it’s cream cheese center that you simply bake using the brownie , and choc chips within the cream cheese middle-is tinted eco-friendly. thanks ahead of time.

  • heavenly sword:

    I had been attempting to milk my prostate last evening and seem like i had been to rough by using it. Irrrve never had any discomfort whole time or later, or perhaps today for your matter. I pressed kinda hard throughout but especially in the finish throughout ejaculation. Could i’ve hurt it basically felt no discomfort or feel none still? Can it be bleeding or hurt badly at this time however with no discomfort?!? Help im losing it!!!


  • Willie:

    im likely to see my physician for any physical tomorrow, (im 16) and that i dont imagine he is going to do a prostate exam. However read that prostate pushing can.keep your prosate healthy (im paranoid about cancer my grand daddy had orgasms :p) must i simply tell him I attempted?Should also I request him how you can milk my.prostate? Im unfamiliar with physician practices. Is he going to tthink im strange?

  • Sonny:

    I’ve got a casein protein shake dry mix which i drink before mattress on nights which i perform my intense torso workout routines. I love casein since it is very slow absorbing, and feed my muscles through the evening (takes 5-7 hrs to become fully absorbed). Therefore, it will help me maximize my muscle growth and reduce catabolism.

    However, I have heard about zero-casein diets etc…what’s so bad about casein? I drink plenty of milk, and consume my casein shakes weekly and I am within the best shape I have have you been in. Must I stop doing that?

    I have never heard about osteoperosis as being a condition in males though. Plus, milk consists of plenty of calcium to begin with. And That I get calcium in the veggies I frequently eat.

    So far as cholesterol, I only eat lean meat. I am unable to stand fatty meat. Irrrve Never have hamburger or hotdogs, so when I prepare steak I trim off all of the body fat. The small saturated fats and cholesterol which i do consume, my body system needs and uses anyway.

    Also, I attempt to eat plenty of flavonoids to combat any cardiovascular problems. I drink dark wine and eat 85% cacao chocolates just about every day. I believe that can help, no?

    I understand the reactions. I understand that males could possibly get osteoperosis, my point only agreed to be it’s not so common, like cancer of the breast, therefore it is not something I am concerned about.

    I do not get my advice from reading through labels or from producers of supplements…I recieve them from articles compiled by bodybuilders and weight trainers, a number of whom are diet advisors. These are available online at world wide and world wide and world wide

    Everything I learn about weightlifting is the fact that proteins are most significant. Yes, muscle is made from proteins, however the protein shakes I personally use possess the greatest quality of all of the essential proteins in muscle. I personally use whey protein for convenient absorbtion before workout routines and each morning, mass gainers (blends) for after workout routines, and casein before mattress and often each morning. Increases I recieve are wonderful, and it is natural protein.

  • JimT:

    I heard there’s some semen left within the prostate any time you ejaculate and with time it may develop and become hazardous. Is that this true? if that’s the case, how do i repair it? I learn about pushing the prostate. Is that this made by a physician? Who works this type of procedure?

  • Scorch Delta-62:

    With this question…..I’ve heard that’s aids in preventing cancer of the prostate….as well as dosnt feel to bad.My spouse is worried about my health obviously and introduced this method to attention.Interesting help!

  • Disrae:

    So,i’m a real beginner within this. I lately learned about Male g-place,prostate. So i wish to know some general details of achieving this kind of orgasm. Okay,so please let me know such things as, how can u feel when you begin stimulating prostate,how in the event you feel in beginning, what i must do as i am stimulating prostate, the length of time will it decide to try have prostate orgasm, and the most crucial how can you feel when you are receiving near to orgasm could it be like normal male organ orgasm if you have a sense of accumulating a tension, or this orgasm just is available in one moment? Please answer me as soon as possible i truly wanna check it out and feel it because everybody sad that it’s amazing. Thanks an please attempt to produce solutions for everything you understand this. Thanks! PS I understand where prostate is :) , so don’t explain that in my experience :)

  • Jeanelle the Retard:

    dose any body learn about prostate pushing? like whys to get it done from your self ?and whys to get it done with a few one

  • Brian:

    is pushing the prostate safe?i here it feel’s soooooo can you milk the prostate? if it’s safe i must check it out. any help. thanks

  • Scorch Delta-62:

    A lot of misconceptions concerning the prostate. Is pushing, medical or eros related? Could it be harmful? Shall we be too taboo in america to go over this kind of factor?

  • louisewoods1984:

    Any Tips Or Techniques Regarding How To Milk Ive Tried It Before Its Very Healthy Any Tips About How To Turn It Into A Better Session

    My Prostate Is Extremely Healthy Im Attempting To Milk To Attain Prostate Orgasm Any Tips About How To Acquire A Prostate Orgasm Or Do You Know The Secrets To Attain It Any Tips Is Going To Be Greatfully Appreaciated

  • Yoshi:

    I applied my penis raw and that i need a brand new option……

  • BRUTE:

    Will that damage your rectal cavity?

    Could it be harmful?

    Does it cause infections?


  • airdogspace2:

    i’m serious and wish to start this when i have lately begun my chastity having a cb-3000 and m told taht pushing can help me with remaining secured for lengthy amounts of time

    i’m a male c/d inside a chastity device

  • Marshal:

    How can you get it done correctly and just what will it seem like?

  • blarg blarg:

    If it’s real, how can you get it done?

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